2 in 1 Cutting and Inspection Robot

Fully digitalized 

Cloud connected

DN 250 - 1.000 

Egg-shaped profiles

Special Profiles

Working distance 

500 mtr. plus

Triple Full HD Camera

10X optical zoom

2 in 1 Inspection and Cutting 

Easily convertible head to change from cutting to inspection


The Making of

Cooling System

Optimized water cooling system for the tool

Digital Livestream

Video stream with brilliant picture quality over hundreds of meter

Picture Quality

Zero interferences no matter the working distance

Online System Status

Real-time online system status reporting over cloud service and internet

AI Control System

Fully digital-aided control system

G Sensors

Current body/arm position indication with GUI monitoring using integrated g-sensors

Extra Power

Working over long distances has almost no influence on the power of the robot


Extremely powerful and robust hydraulic cutting motor with the highest efficieny

Triple Full HD Cameras

Monitor three Full HD cameras at on 4K screen simultaneously

Camera Cleaning

Cleaning system for working cameras

10X Optical Zoom

Modular inspection camera with 10X optical zoom

2 in 1 Inspection and Cutting

Easily convertible head to change from cutting to inspection

Health Monitoring

An integrated health-monitoring system with graphic interface

Multiple Sensors

Integrated sensors for critical parameters (humidity, temperatures, pressure, etc.)

Cable Length

Up to 500+ meters

Intelligent Clutch

Intelligent clutch to disconnect the wheels and transmission system


We have even more features:


Robust stainless steel housing for heavy duty


Modular easy upgradeable system for more functions and power

24/7 Support

We offer you 24/7 technical phone assistance

Bracing System

Bracing system for more stability and precision

Modular Design

Easy service in the field and daily servicing

Tire Technology

Tires of special rubber designed for performance and control

Zero Emission

Zero Emission version (up to 10h. without external power or generator)

Laser Adjustment

Laser positioner for easy zero-point adjustment

Thermal View

Sensitive thermal view camera for lateral detection

Game over - Start Working

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